Session Structure

Most events organised by EYP follow a similar structure that guides the participants through the process of getting to know their group, crafting their resolution and their projects, and having fun while doing so. Below you can read more about the four main components of EYP sessions!

Officials' Day (CJMO)

The Officials’ Team is composed by the Jury, Media, Chairpersons and Organising Team. The Day before the Delegates arrive at the session, these participants get together and play games, in order to get to know each other. They are also given training modules, in order to best prepare for the Delegates’ arrival and their role.

Teambuilding (TB)

Teambuilding is the first official moment of the session when the Delegates have arrived. First, there is General Teambuilding, in which everyone is together and the Officials introduce themselves. Then, the Delegates are separated into committees and play Teambuilding games with their Chairperson and fellow delegates.

Committee Work (TB)

Delegates are allocated to a debate topic regarding a current problem in the EU. Together with a group of other Delegates and a Chairperson, called a committee, Delegates must discuss their topic, and write down problems and solutions regarding it. This is what happens during Committee Work.

General Assembly (GA)

The General Assembly is led by the President and the Vice Presidents of a Session. In this moment, the committees take turns presenting the written document they produced on their topic, and the floor is opened for other Delegates to ask questions, engaging in a debate. At the end of each debate, everyone votes on whether the resolution should pass or not.