Plovdiv '24: a pathway of growth for EYP Bulgaria's members base

The recent National Selection Conference Plovdiv 2024 marked a significant milestone for EYP Bulgaria, as it welcomed a wave of first-time delegates into the organization. This gathering not only showcased the diversity and potential within Bulgaria's youth but also served as a wonderful experience for these newcomers.

NSC Plovdiv, held from 31st of March to the 4th of April, brought together aspiring young leaders from across Bulgaria, and abroad, offering them a platform to engage in lively debates, new friendships, and develop essential skills in public speaking, and critical thinking.

For the newly joining members, NSC Plovdiv represented a world of opportunities within EYP Bulgaria. As they participated actively in the session, NGO Fair, and fun team building activities, they gained valuable insights into how EYP works, and what a positive impact it can have on their personal growth and development.

NSC Plovdiv 2024 served as a catalyst for these first-time delegates to envision their future involvement in EYP Bulgaria. Many expressed their aspirations to continue their journey within the organization, eager to contribute their unique perspectives and talents to future sessions and activities. 

This is where you come in! If you are an established EYP-er, ready to meet and engage with the newcomers, we invite you to encourage our newly joining members to continue participating in EYP by sending them a welcoming message here!

NSC Plovdiv truly established the positive power of EYP Bulgaria on our youth. As first-time delegates embark on their EYP journey, we can only hope they find their place for growth. Their presence at NSC Plovdiv truly embodied our goals of inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration between the members.