Session Formats

In the EYP network there are a few type of sessions depending on their scale and duration as well as whether they are in physical or digital format.

Regional Selection Conferences

Regional Selection Conferences are three-day sessions, being one of Teambuilding, one of Committee Work and one of the General Assembly. Usually, it is the first contact with EYP a person has.

National Selection Conferences

The National Selection Conference is usually the flagship event of EYP Bulgaria. Its format is quite similar to a Regional Session, with the differences being that the National Session usually lasts five days for Delegates and six for Officials, having two days of Committee Work. 

International Sessions

International Sessions are the flagship events of the EYP, being Organised with the overhead EYP organisation. The EYP organises two International Sessions every year. Each of them brings together about 300 young people for 9 days from around 40 European countries. This is the biggest session you can attend within the network, and you can be selected to go either by your National Committee or from a National Selection Conference. 

Digital Sessions

With the outbreak of COVID-19 the sessions of EYP had to switch to the digital space, managing to keep us connected. Usually, the sessions are held on Zoom, Discord, Microsoft Teams, etc. They can last between 3 and 5 days while still managing to provide the participants with enough off-screen time. In the last few months more and more events are getting back to the original physical format, although you can still find digital sessions in the network.