Board Weekend January 2024

To kickstart the new year, the European Youth Parliament Bulgaria board members got together for the first time since the beginning of their term in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Board Weekend was a time for them to meet, share ideas, and plan for the future of EYP. 

The weekend started with everyone feeling excited and ready to work. They discussed the past few months of activities and prepared strategies for all future endeavors of EYP Bulgaria. They came up with new ideas on how to tackle problems, and how to ensure a smooth and productive environment for all members of the organization. 

One big part of the weekend was planning what the EYP will do next. They thought carefully about what's most important and set goals for all departments. An important task for the weekend was to update all templates and documentation to be used in the future by the next sessions and NC board members. As the Second National Session comes around the corner, the Board wants to make sure that its word is spread to even more people eager to participate and to integrate themselves in the EYP network.

But it wasn't all serious business. The board members also had fun together, visiting restaurants and cafes, and getting to know each other outside Google meets. They exchanged presents, and spent their evenings exploring the duner places around Sofia. 

As the weekend ended, the board members felt proud of what they achieved. They're excited to put their plans into action and keep working hard for young people all across Bulgaria and Europe. 


Left to right: Linda Zajkiewicz (President of EYP Bulgaria), Mariela Rangelova (Finance and Legal), Gergana Pregyova (Vice-President and Project coordinator), Teodora Daskalova (Members Coordinator), Alexandra Daskalova (National coordinator), Meriem Fereva (Public Relations and Communications), and Kalina Stefanova (International Coordinator(not present on the picture)) .