Collaborative Digital Training

Welcome to EYP Bulgaria’s first Collaborative Digital Training! It is a collaboration between EYP Bulgaria, EYP Kosovo, EYP Latvia, and EYP Denmark. 

Taking place between the 16th and 17th of March, the training is designed to benefit all EYPers! It offers modules ranging from introductory to advanced levels, tailored for specific teams, including academic, media, organising, jury, and Event Safe Persons. Furthermore, it will feature modules on National Committees, further deepening the understanding of National Committee actions across the network! If any of these teams and their work interest you and you want to integrate yourself further into EYP, then you are more than encouraged to apply.

The training aims to encourage newcomers to engage with the EYP, empower members from each National Committee to take steps towards development, both within the network and outside of it, and motivate more experienced individuals to consider joining the board of their National Committees, to foster fresh ideas and growth. 

The Collaborative Digital Training is open to all participants across the network, so we look forward to seeing you there! Let's embark on this journey together! 

To sign up refer to the Members Platform

Contact EYP Bulgaria's International coordinator Kalina Stefanova for more information at: