EYP Bulgaria

About EYP

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) Bulgaria is an independent association that organises various debating events in Bulgaria. It is part of a Europe-wide network, the European Youth Parliament, present in about 40 countries in the form of national, independent associations that organise more than 500 events every year for up to 35’000 participants. It aims at raising awareness concerning European issues, while encouraging an active European citizenship and motivating students to become politically engaged. 

In its activities, the EYP promotes a dialogue between different cultures and mutual understanding, which brings diversity to the ideas and practices of every participants. All this provides for personal development and the acquisition of new, useful skills such as leadership, teamwork, language and public speaking through formal and informal training. 

"EYP Bulgaria is a window for passionate young Bulgarians into the swiftly developing world of youth engagement in Europe. The events we organise are the stepping stone for young and bright minds to join this international network of EYPers and build lifelong friendships and connections."

Linda Zajkiewicz
President of EYP Bulgaria

Latest News

10.04 - 13.04.2023

HRDC was a valuable partner in our event and played a pivotal role in facilitating a session that left a lasting impact on all participants. 

10.04 - 13.04.2023

HRDC contributed significantly to NSC Sofia 2023 by providing informative presentations on “Erasmus+” and “European Solidarity Corps”, as well as other similar projects. 

10.04 - 13.04.2023

EYP BG organized its first physical session. Under the theme of "Entering a New Digital Era",  the session brought together more than 130 participants in Sofia.