First Regional Session of EYP Bulgaria Blagoevgrad 2023

First Regional Session of EYP Bulgaria - RSC Blagoevgrad 2023

The First Regional Session of the European Youth Parliament Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad 2023, took place from the 3rd to the 5th of November 2023. The session brought together more than 80 participants from all over Bulgaria and Europe under the theme “Revealing the Potential: Empowering Small Cities for National Development.”

The participants of RSC Blagoevgrad 2023 were divided into 5 committees addressing different relevant and crucial issues concerning development of small cities and problems such as aging population, access to education, and transportation. During the session, the participants went through the typical EYP structure: Team Building, Committee Work, and General Assembly. 

Take a look at the Resolution Booklet of RSC Blagoevgrad 2023.